Sitting on my somewhat cozy couch, holding “3IN6O” chips on my left hand and TV remote on my right one, guess what I was doing??

Bingo!!! I was watching TV…. a music channel- promo of Wake up S!d.

The ad showed S!d eating junk food and watching TV, spending his entire day doing nothing bla bla bla.

After having a look of the promo, I took a sigh of relief and said to myself-

Ye high society k bacche. I am so much better!

 Errrr…… Am I??


 I am so much better than these “Pappu can’t dance saala” category…..


– I work yaar, minimum 7 hours a day, coz I am afraid a half day would hit me back.

– My father never gave me a credit card, Pa I still love you a lot.

– My friends are not lazy, they don’t drink or go to late night parties, I know they have every right on this earth to read my blog.

– I don’t have the same routine everyday- one day my client shouts the other day my manager shouts (pun intended)

– My estimations are always perfect. I object every process followed, because I know, it won’t be successful coz the people who follow it feel that way.

– I don’t spend my precious time on social networking sites- and I appreciate the fact that such sites are blocked in my company.

– I love to sit and watch others and eh.. make some observations. Can you imagine a world without critics???

 I am so much better! Ain’t I??

Source- This excerpt has been taken from my Best Friend’s diary!