Yesterday, the entire country seemed too proud after an official statement was made by NASA.

NASA declared officially that ISRO’s Chandrayaan played an important role in tracing water on moon. Not a better occassion for me, to travel back to my childhood, when I aspired to become an astronaut. I could clearly recall those summer nights, when at the roof top, my eldest sister holding me in her lap, used to talk about planets and constellations.

Suddenly another thought creeped into my thoughtful mind,”Has any human being actually stepped on moon’s surface”? I don’t want to have a Dillogical approach 😀 

As per me, the biggest hoax till date is Man’s landing on Moon! There have been lots of questions raised by people, like, why aren’t there any stars in the photographs taken, why is the flag fluttering, who was the third guy to shoot Neil and Buzz and the most crucial one : WHY COULDN”T MAN ACCOMPLISH ANY  MORE VOYAGES TO THE MOON?

NASA has answered them all,BUT, they are not satisfactory!

During cold war, USSR and USA were keen to prove “my technology is better than yours” , just wanted to show off their strengths. USA wanted something big enough to keep its people united and Nixon wanted Americans to be proud of their country.

Dont you think these were reasons big enough to conspire!