Rahul Gandhi…is now making some good news..
It was the media for almost 5 years, who compared and criticized Rahul against Rajiv and Priyanka.
But this election time he certainly emerged out as a hero!
Would like to post some answers from him to the salvo of questions fired by media:

When asked to react to Mayawati’s allegations that he was playing politics by visiting Dalit houses…
Rahul replied: “I go to a human being’s house and not a dalit’s house.If she doesn’t like it, my apologies to her””
Wah Rahul ji….

He said he meets a tea vendor and a university student on the same lines. “I don’t ask him (tea stall vendor) whether he is a dalit…the difference is in the opportunities. They are as intelligent and as smart as you, but had no opportunity to go to a university– that is the only difference,” he said
Maan gaye Rahul ji….

When asked about his leaning processes, he said “The day I die I will stop learning.”
Kya baat hai Rahul ji….
On Tharoor’s view that Gandhi Jayanti should not be a holiday, he said the minister has the right to have his opinion.
“It won’t make a difference to Gandhiji.”
I agree Rahul ji….

When asked about reservations in Indian system of governance, he replied:
He said the system in the party had a place for all sections of the society, including SC, STs and women. “Our system positively discriminates towards weaker sections”.
😥 I know Rahul ji…
I am trying not to be biased!!