Barack Obama gets Nobel Prize for PEACE??
I would not have been so surprised if he won it for Chemistry….
for working on clathrin-mediated membrane traffic at chemical synapses

The election promises of Barack Obama were good.
Even I used to visit his website and read his promising speeches.
Americans showed their trust in HIM for his economic policies, social reform plans, health care plans etc.
The moment when they thought that USA might collapse, he gave them a hand of support.
A ray of Hope, sunshine smile šŸ˜€
Ofcourse, Uncle George had left them with errr… nothing else to trust upon:-|
But I heard WTO people saying that, it was Indian and Chinese economies which saved the world!!
Chalo, even leave that aside…
Lets consider it was Obama who saved the world from economic catastrophe!

Those norwegian people say, he has united people on environmental issues.
Dont they remember that India as well as China refused to follow the new environmental standards.
(remember Hillary Clinton visited India for the same purpose)
Reason being, these countries are still developing and can’t afford to spend on such policies.
I guess, either American forces have become citizens of Iraq šŸ˜€
or Is this because, the americans have a “peace”ful sleep now?

Whatever…. Congrats Obama!!