Chidambaram in a press conference said, “Naxalites are Not Terrorists”
Yes, Chidambaram ji, you are 100% correct when you say so!
The word “naxalite” is being heard more frequently in news channels nowadays.
I am afraid, the frequency is yet to increase manyfold.
A naxal threat is prevalent in few backward states like Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and few areas of Andhra Pradesh.
Similar problems are faced by the people in north east states also from Maoists(kind of cousin brothers).

Naxalite movement started in the year 1967 after exploitation of peasants by people of some strong sections in the society.
Since then, there has been an ongoing upsurge in their activity.
A common question might arise: Who joins them when the end of such an activity is well-known??
There are incidences of naxalites going to different houses in Chhattisgarh and asking the families to “give a child(girl or boy) of theirs to this movement”.
Whenever the people have denied, the entire family has been brutally murdered.
Bad, isn’t it?

The group might had been formed for a necessity, the one for protecting the unprivileged from the ones responsible for their plight.
But how far have they succeeded?

After Chidambaram became our home minister, we can hear him talking about the measures to be taken against the Naxalites.
Some like Nitish Kumar say, “Make the Indian constitution inclusive and things will be better”.
Aah…a question “How?”
Rather I feel we should concentrate on the development of the areas affected.
Yeah, I know, even this is not a perfect solution 😦
I somehow dont want any brutal operations to be carried on….
Why doesn’t someone go for negotiations and talks?
If these were not successful in the past years, are we confident enough,that we tried our best??