After a long time I heard someone using an English word in a novel way.
The word “Disappear” was used by Tanaaz for KRK in Big Boss-3.
He was as usual getting into a “hot” discussion mood, suddenly she started speaking the word “Disappear”LOUD and CLEAR!
What an attitude!!
What a way to ask someone “to get lost”.
So cool hand movements…. as if KRK was a fly šŸ˜€

Even Big B appreciated her for this….
And Raju S spoke it in all the ways he could, only making the word more popular.
Yesterday, millions would have seen KRK(the china made SRK-LOL) hitting the so-sensitive Rohit Verma with a bottle.
Bad, wasn’t it?Then he also fought with our pyaare Raju Bhaiya šŸ˜¦ And finally the inmates declared that they would not continue living in the same house with Kamaal….

After looking at the show I could only speak the following:
“Kamaal Khan..Disappear..Disappear..Disappear..”