Saw Paa yesterday…
It is a simple movie, yet it is so appealing…
Not for a single moment did I feel, that I was watching Amitabh Bachchan, it was a child named Auro living his life before me… that’s it.
Paa is a small budget movie, something around 12 crores, but it lacked nothing at all.
Fantastic dialogues all through, would make you laugh, would make you cry, would make you think!
Mellifluous songs, take you to a different world all together.
All the characters performed their roles well.
Though the major focus was on Auro, Amol and Vidya but other characters like Grandma and Vishnu were really good.
Few scenes made me laugh like anything, without any dialogues being spoken.
Like the note written on the Door of Auro’s room:
Knock or I will knock you down….
Ultimate, isn’t it? 😀
The climax was really moving 😦
Vidya was exceptionally good in it!
And Abhishek certainly has grown as an actor!!

Congrats Balki for writing and directing such a beautiful movie!
And Amitabh ji, you are simply marvellous 🙂