Just realised that I have not written anything about Bilal Maqsood or Strings in my Blog yet….
So why should I waste any more time!!


I have been their BIG BIG fan from 15th August, 2002 when I heard Durr for the first time, on TV……
Then during my engineering, in our hostel, a girl played the same song on tape.I clearly remember, I ran towards her room, stormed inside her room and saw that a cassette with Strings written over it.

Then in 2004, came Dhaani……….
And I immediately knew it was the same band without even looking at the Band name. I was absolutely in love with all of the songs in Dhaani.
One my friends, Mansij, realising my madness for them, gifted me Dhaani on my Birthday 🙂
So sweet of him……

I dont know how many times I heard those over and over again….
My favourite being Mera Bichhra Yaar…….
I was bit disappointed with “Koi aaney waala hai” 😦
But never mind….I am always eager to get more and more of strings’ music..

Oh Bilal, you make such beautiful compositions, backing vocals are so nice and the way you play guitar is…….. AWESOME!!
And Faisal, you have a gifted voice:)
Bilal and Faisal are on my desktop background on almost all the days of the year 🙂

Old songs that should be surely checked are:
– Anjaaney
– Duur
– Ek Khidki
– Mera Bichhra Yaar
– Sar kiye ye pahaar