Indian goverment had made the visa norms stricter which was not at all appreciated by the UK and US governments.
The guidelines issued on November 4 under which foreigners holding long-term multi-entry tourist visas would have to be out of India for two months before re-entering have created much of  disturbances.
As usual, Shashi ji has made a remark on it.
He commented that,“Issue is not security vs tourism, but whether visa restrictions protect our security. 26/11 killers had no visas,” Tharoor wrote. “Dilemma of our age: tough visa restrictions in hope of btr security or openness & liberality to encourage tourism& goodwill? I prefer latter,”

Also he raised a valid point by saying that such rules will do us more harm by alienating us from the world community.
But Headley certainly got a visa, he visited many places of India and might have been a key player in the November,2008 attacks.

Can someone tell me how it will help us??
Right now, I can see some harm for sure 😦

India today needs such Leaders who can atleast question the policies of government, even if the government is very much their own 🙂