Today, I went through the Ruchika molestation case in detail in newspapers, internet and news channels…
And it has disturbed me a lot.

I just can’t imagine, what that young girl would have experienced in 3 years.
She was expelled from school, her father lost his job, her brother was slapped with half a dozen cases of theft and he was tortured for months in jail 😦
There were goons positioned in her locality who would taunt her all the time.

Till yesterday, I used to feel that only fools can think of committing suicide.
But thinking of Ruchika, I felt, what else she could do. She was forced to nothing else but suicide.
She even didn’t have a mother to share her pain with. She would have considered herself responsible for her family’s condition.

I read an article that said, that her post mortem report was manipulated and it said that she had consumed heavy doses of slimmimg pills.
Her father cried all the day and even touched the feet of police officials but he was not given her body for the entire day.

She would have been a courageous girl, so she lodged a complaint against Rathore, hoping that he would be punished for such a shameful act of his.
But Ruchika and her family would never have imagined the consequences.

Rathore’s daughter was classmate of Ruchika. Didn’t his daughter’s face come before his eyes when he misbehaved with this little girl??

And Aradhana, Ruchika’s best friend and even her family should be appreciated.
Those people have fought against injustice for past 16 years.
She feels guilty to this date, coz she could not save her best friend’s life 😦
I don’t want any man to look down upon any girl in the future.
I don’t want any other Rathore to smile after receiving a petty punishment.
He mocked our judiciary, society and most importantly human life by smiling at the cameras!
I don’t want any schools or police officials to bow down before people who use their power wrongly.
Even they are responsible for Ruchika’s depression and untimely death.

I pray to God that justice should not be delayed any further!
If anyone knows how one can help Ruchika’s family and friends to get justice, please post a comment!!