I was watching news yesterday, umm on CNN-IBN I guess….
Some clippings were shown of the proceedings in parliament.
Actually, a BJP leader said some ill words against Lalu ji…
Sushma Swaraj got up to apologise for the same…
Her words were ‘Main apni party ki taraf se Lalu ji se kshama yaachna karti hun’
Lalu sprang up and started complaining all over again.
And Sushma Swaraj without loosing a single second said ‘Isse pahle ki Lalu ji aur uttejit ho jaayen main unki taraf se bhi kshama yaachna karti hun’ to which even Lalu ji couldn’t control to laugh upon!! 😀

And the news reader ended up saying “These were indeed some very graceful moments in parliament today”………..