I am a kind of person who gets influenced by positive emotions/speeches quickly…umm… very quickly…
But that’s how I am!

Actually, Dr. Bala V. Balachandran, oops.. Uncle Bala, visited our campus today.
He had to speak on ‘Higher Education in India’.
I made a guess, that he would talk about what’s good in US and what’s bad in India.

But I am glad to say that he did just the opposite.
In his hour long speech, he made it sure that each one of us would have no doubts about the strong foundation that we have. Strong in terms of values, morality and ethics…

He emphasized on his prediction that in the near future Great Ideas would come from the East, but definetly not from China. He said “Why dream of having a Harvard in India and not a Nalanda in the US?”

He said that we Indians seem quite sure that we are a tardy nation.But he proved this wrong by giving example of Satyam scam that got resolved in record 93 days while on the other hand Enron is still not out of it.

He defined MBA as an art of controlling (M)ind, (B)ody and (A)ttitude. He spoke that there are many who feel that MBA is all about bluffing and that they are wrong.
{Uncle Bala I Support You}

There is so much more to write about his speech, but time constraints are binding me..

At the end, when he was leaving the auditorium, he waved hands to the audience. He passed by my side, and there came an instantaneous “Thank-you Sir” from my mouth. And the reply was “God Bless You”..

I wish that one day, I would be in a position to inspire many just like him.. God Willing!