Though the rule ‘Work Hard and you would be successful’ still applies.. the conditions around are getting tougher day by day..

We had a Strategic Management lecture yesterday, the Prof was speaking in lengths about conducting an Internal Analysis(the SW part of SWOT), followed by an external analysis(the OT part)..using these, as inputs to crafting strategy..

One of my classmates spoke something very intriguing. He said, that he, by his very own nature, was a terrible liar. This helped him to do his testing job well. But as he moved into an MBA course, he started realising that this strength of his, has now become a weakness..

The Prof. asked him, “Are you in the right business?

And came a question in my mind,”Does being in the right business, make everything easy?”

 Believe me, when it is built-in from within, adapting becomes really difficult. I am still not able to figure out, whether I would survive, if I try to flow by the tide.. One thing I am sure of is, I dont want to regret …ever…