Watched video of Neil Pasricha on… It was so very inspiring…. To begin with, he spoke of all the hardships he faced in the year 2008, the year when the entire world was also battling with wars, hurricanes, economic downturn etc…… He got divorced, his best friend ended his life …Then one fine day, he had a realisation that we often miss to value many small but awesome things/moments in life..

What better than puting them all on his blog… the awesome things were written on a countdown format…starting from 1000. And you know what, this blog made him win the Webby Award for the best blog of year!! A significant accomplishment, as over 50,000 new blogs are created every day all over the world.

The blog consists of many beautiful observations.. Few listed below..

Today, that is, on 20th january, he has written the 326th awesome thing and the total number of hits is equal to 26,114,807..Isn’t this amazing? 🙂

I’m spreading the positive thoughts,  right now, because I’m not getting younger 🙂

You can find his blog at: 

and the ted talk at