Rockford…. Iqbal…..Dor…… ring a bell??

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Oh, yeah! I am talking about Nagesh Kukunoor 🙂 Got to know some interesting things about him while reading an article in The Hindu.

 And since I am such a big aficionado of his, I asked myself, “Why is he not on my blog yet??”  (The article excerpts are written below)

In the 1990s, a complete outsider to the film business — a chemical engineer who had an epiphany when a truck almost crashed into his car — gave hope to an entire generation of young filmmakers, that anyone can make a film.

After a brief stint working as an assistant director on the sets of “Veer Hanuman”, Nagesh Kukunoor realised he was never going to fit in. So, he wrote out a film in seven days flat, worked out the costs, went back to the U.S., saved up $ 40,000 in 10 months, and came back to make “Hyderabad Blues”, which Star Movies refused to buy even for Rs. 50,000 initially — but bought for Rs. 50 lakh, four months later, after the film became an overnight hit.

Very few people know that his production banner SIC stands for Stability is a Curse 😀