Buzz… thats the word…!!

Umm… where should I start from?

Okay…There is a certain writer who acts as an inspiration to many…. Chetan Bhagat….went to IIT-D, and then IIM-A…. qualifications enough to impress anyone…But more than his qualifications, something else has worked for him.. his writing skills, or should I say, he knows how to create the buzz… I have read three books of Chetan Bhagat. I didnt like Five Point Someone and One night at the Call Center.. But I found the Two States quite humorous…An important thing in his book is that in every other page, the word ‘F…’ appears more than anything else. There is a certain, ever-growing sect in our society, who believe they are born to defy all the rules.. The abundant usage of such words allows them to see this as a fashion, or you may say, allows it to be considered trendy. Three Idiots was a super-duper hit, he then got a lot of air time and you know for what… Today news channels usually keep him one of the panelist for discussion…Believe me, its not fun to watch him get a lot of air-time…

Chalo.. I shouldn’t give him a lot of time either 😉

Yesterday…I watched a movie ‘The man from the earth’. It is about a cro-magnon man, age 14,000 years, who tells his story which includes he meeting Buddha and at the later part he proclaims himself as Christ…. Blasphemy…!! Again the writer seems to try to create a buzz 😦

The politicians try creating a buzz all the time…. news channels like India TV are known for this as a speciality….Do you remember Suhaib Iliyasi, suddenly the police force started feeling menial before him!!  BTW I was a big fan of his 😀

Hmm….Do you want a break in Bollywood? Do you want the media attention? It is very simple, do something against the social norms, and yessssssssssssssssssss, the attention is all yours…

One of my ex-managers once advised me, ‘Shini never in your life try to be become popular, rather try to become respected’… this is a line that I believe would continue inspiring me forever. Why is it so difficult to find such people ?? Why it has become to find people you can trust completely?? Why are we afraid of making friends anymore??

But Oh! its so easy to follow the masses..

Difficult questions….But I guess, shortcuts usually lead to short term gains and long term issues… Dubai Debt Crisis, recent recession etc are examples of such practices. For sustainability, one needs to have integrity and the determination to preserve it….The value system incorporated in a child is an important factor too…

And this is not a cakewalk, very few succeed! Such people, I am sure have a lot of guts and confidence that enables them to cling by their principles till the very end.

I hope that the Lord gives me perseverance and wisdom to do what is right, come what may!!