‘A good leader inspires people to have confidence in the leader, a great leader inspires people to have confidence in themselves’

It has been days since I have met a personality whom I would love to learn from. So I have suddenly started missing my mentors and managers whom I regard as God’s gift to me so that I would never walk unguided…

I have worked under 9 managers to be precise in  a span of 34 months. I met both good as well as bad leaders. I never was bad at my work…but I was at my best when I worked under few good leaders.

Were these leaders different? Yes, most of them displayed the qualities that are listed below:

  1. Rational Beings: Don’t follow the masses but have a logical approach to decisions
  2. Information Percolation: Know how much of information flow is good enough for subordinates and even upper management
  3. Lead by example: Know that preaching does not hold good for a long time, leads the team by his own example
  4. Not easy to be fooled: Know the basics of business as well as the product well. Can’t be easily fooled
  5. The only Motivator: Bond with the team so well that they want to work for him in even worst situations
  6. Blame Game: Stay AWAY from the blame game… if essential takes the blame upon himself and shares the success
  7. Calm: is calm and composed in uncertain situations
  8. Talent Recognition: Can identify the best of the talent available, knows how much a person can be stretched, has an idea of utilising the available skills, can very well shape the career and learning curve of his subordinate
  9. No to adulation: Recognizes and stays away from adulates

There was one particular instance when our team had an important release.  I was sharing my views with one of the main architects of the project who worked in other location. I just said, that if you were a king, I would have expected you to join your army in the battlefield. And guess what, he flew to this business center and was all along with the team during tough times.

There have been many instances when as a new user I would heavily criticise any technology/tools/processes. One of my managers always used to very patient with me during these times, listening to my burning views all the time… and almost all of the time I used to realise at a later stage that I was so terribly wrong.

In one of the projects, my manager proposed that she would be doing all my tasks for a week, so that I would go on for a week long vacation!

Wonderful! Aren’t they? I can count on many more instances but am saving them for future usage 😉

Is it so very tough to be a leader. For some, it comes on naturally. I mean that such persons have strong value system, are keen on learning and are very determined. They are also very receptive to ideas and suggestions. Analytical skills need to be good enough to find out ways in midst of issues and should possess good communication skills inorder to convince others.

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader- John Quincy

So let’s try to be lead our teams as leaders. Our country is known to have a huge pool of doctors and engineers. Hope, we would be counted in as part of the leaders’ pool!