—- India will surpass China’s growth soon!

—- India will reap on the demographic dividend while the rest of the world fights ageing!

—- Per Capita income crossed $1000! Yay!

—- USA will bow down before the educated work force of Indian some day soon!

All of us get goosebumps when we hear such stuff, but doubts creep in quite soon… May be, because, we are not ready to embrace the growth story yet. You don’t agree with me, do you?

Let me give you an example. Our country has been consistently facing the issues of high fiscal deficits. We know that it can be curbed by one of the two ways: Increaes the revenue by imposing more taxes, increasing the tax base etc, and the other one is, by curtailing the expenses. Since we want to grow fast, we need to invest, thus the second option is not viable. This means that the government should get more earnings through tax. But are we ready to give a large part of our income as tax? Would we not curse the government and threaten to pull it down if it increases the tax bases?

Another reason can be, that sustained growth is achievable only if the fundamentals are strong. Umm… Fundamentals like infrastructure… Infrastructure that includes roads…. Roads that are already over-strained with the current industrial growth…

We talk about dependence on monsoon for better agricultural output, and at the same time cry about food wastage during storage.

Chalo, leaving aside the high level things… Are we ready to change ourselves?

We loose no time to start complaining about ‘sarkari’ way of work but don’t take accountability for most of the things. We travel in a train and soon find that a  ‘without ticket’ is a person who earns Rs. 25000 a month. We hate the election campaigns due to the noises made, but make it sure to party hard and disturb others! Just for the ease of getting things done, we pay small bribes! We don’t give feedback to people around us, just because we don’t want to sour our relationships!

Reforms have to be done on a continuous basis. We have already messed up enough things around us. It’s time to get things right! The Bible says, ‘If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones’. Let us start cleaning our own hearts first!