Saw some posts of facebook publicizing the ideology of “I am what I am”. Nothing unusual but pretty much the same concept promoted by many TV channels, websites and many brand advertisements endorsing the same concept.But the question that often comes to my mind – Has this something to do with the hidden persona in all of us or is it something on which my generation thrives on?

Among the tag lines like  ‘Be bindas’,  ‘stay raw’,  ‘i am what i am’  etc I do feel where has been the underlying human nature to be simple vanished ? :)   It isn’t that I do not believe in this ideology to be “I am what I am..!!!!” but I just question out is it truly mean what it is?

NaiveNotionsRight from childhood in every public school a subject called moral science is taught which strictly concentrates on developing children into GOOD human being, ( I don’t know how far has it succeeded) but that is the actual purpose. The stories present in language text books taught in childhood also concentrate on personality development of individual and help him to understand the thin difference between good and bad. More often all this is meant to inculcate the term “VALUES” into the psyche of a child, so that as a grown up being he very well understands true meaning of being a GOOD human.

My question is not that education system has failed to create Good humans but as a grown ups we fail to stick to the belief of good human beings and values. Actually it’s how we look at things, our perceptions and the way we react accordingly reflects how good or how bad we are as a human, as a person. Sometimes when I do something that is incorrect (morally or ethically) I do feel this is against all those good things which I was taught and brought up with and I must not do it. Here comes the call the conscience which intertwined with values helps me choose the right from all wrongs. But what if this call of conscience never arises? What if the values sowed deep within never come out to guide and what if the wrong dominates the right?

This is what the new mantra does, acts more as siphon and allows us to display all the “BADS” in us and that too without being ashamed but rather with a proud.  The mantra is “I am what I am”.

Since when did being outspoken and hurting people became a quality to be displayed (More often being termed as I say what I feel) ? When did getting drunk, creating nuisances, is a part of enjoyment (Termed as I work hard and party harder)? When did hanging all night out with opposite gender, dating and dumping (Between the lines – one night stand stuff) is considered as fun loving (Also termed as I believe in moving on). Well there are many such “qualities” but lets not dig the dirt.

All these cheesy lines -I am what I am, I don’t live by the rule book, I don’t prefer being labeled, I just love the way I am and all such stuff are not merely meant to display the truth about what a person is but act as a cover up and bring out those qualities proudly that people  should try to get rid off. When was the last time any of us claiming all above lines went out of the rule books did a helpful deed or charity. Well that’s something big to ask, lets talk something small – When was the last time we did follow ALL the traffic rules or would that still be called being labeled?

I believe No one is perfect and so imperfections are a part of Humans but rather than flaunting those human imperfections as qualities I need to look beyond them more towards he qualities that are universally accepted :)

A bit of me is proud to say “I am what I am” but not all of it. It still hesitates because I know there is always a room, for me the room is really huge, the room for improvement. Not for my skills or career but as a person, as a true human.

Note: Hope you would have enjoyed the post. The author of this article, ‘Neelabh Parmar’,  is a very dear friend of mine. It was very kind of him, to allow me, post it here. You can visit his blog at: I am sure you would also love his poetries posted at: