This summer, two persons lost my admiration for them. One of course is Ramdev Baba and the other is Arnab Goswami…..

Ramdev Baba, the person who made Yoga famous again in the country where it actually originated. I remember him speaking about black money and stuff like that for long enough… So when he declared his battle against corruption,Β I was not surprised at all..! But he refusing to surrender before the police and running away in women’s garments was truly shocking….. Isn’t getting arrested a usual consequence of satyagrah ? Aah.. and later on he declared that he would make an army of 11000 youngsters to fight against such crackdowns…. (Vinashkaale Vipreet Buddhi)

Arnab Goswami… the Dabangg anchor of Times Now…. I always appreciated his work because he put forth his questions before any politician/activist in a fearless and honest way… But during the coverage of the ‘War Against Corruption’ he appeared totally biased. Just speaking of one side of the story never does any benefit….. Imagine his discussion panel used to consist of people like Anupam Kher and Rishi Kapoor!! Anupam Kher ofcourse is making the road clear for Kirron Kher who has recently joined the BJP…

Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal need to be really careful. In the process of achieving the best for the nation, they need to keep away those who want to take undue advantage of the whole situation…..