I got this bad news today…. source: Economic Times. Chavanni which came into being in the year 1950, is no more with us….Banks have refused to accept it for exchange. Ab is zamaane me chavanni me aata hi kya hai? Mahengayi jo itni badh gayi hai…..


During the recent guftagu that our humble PM had with editors of several magazines, he was asked questions about rising inflation…. He replied, ” there are three factors which are out of my control – the international commodity prices, the Middle East crisis, the oil prices”. But Pradhan Mantri ji, high rates of inflation in our country are primarily due to inflation related to food products. And a quarter of the food grains produced in our country are wasted due to lack of storage facilities.. Iss par aapke kya vichaar hain?

Hope you remember that it was an ‘overpriced onion’ that threw the BJP out of the raaj-gaddi…. Will it happen again?

If this continues, one day, atthanni would be gone, and then Re. 1, then Rs. 2 and  then Re. 5…. and may be, Congress led coalition government 😦