When was the last time you took a decision all by yourself?

An easy question.. Isn’t it? And what is the obvious answer?…. ‘Hey, All the Time!”  😀

But please do think for a while…. Do we keep aside all our prejudices before making a decision? Don’t we take a decision and then reverse it due to peer pressure? Does the huge load of information obtained via TV, Movies and Internet affect our decision making capabilities?

Let us first talk about some BIG decisions that we take in life…

  • Mr. X wants to go for higher education. He looks around and MBA seems to be the public’s choice. He appears for CAT, XAT, SNAP etc. Gets a call from XL for the PMIR course. He never was interested in the HR job. He never respected the HR job… But he joined the course! Why? Because, some people (known or unknown via web) recommended it.
  • Ms. B wants to get married. She is a huge fan of Bollywood movies and TV soaps. She feels that her dream boy would be a perfect husband material. He has loads of cash, has a huge bungalow, a glittering car and no office stress. The best part is that he has all the time in the world to love her. Ms. B looks for such characteristics in every boy and is rejecting them one after the another.
  • Mr. Z is all geared up for the placement season. He wants to get into Finance. But has done majors in Marketing as well. He has taken few subjects in Systems and has couple of years of work experience in the software field. Luckily, he has some exposure to Operations as well. Just before the placements begin he finds out that he has applied to some 25 odd companies .. And you guessed it right. He gets into a field that he always felt was not meant for him.

Today we have friendship with someone coz s/he is perceived as ‘Kewl’ by others. We abuse others, coz we feel its trendy. Chetan Bhagat is our favourite author, coz he has legalised the use of words like ‘F**K’. We love Sachin and Dravid one day and hate them the next day (decision is made as per the FB status updates). We wear t-shirts of Che Gueverra without having any information about him. We claim some Professor is ‘GOD’ even if he is the worst one that we have ever met. We love some girl from within but inorder to impress friends we keep on trying up five others.

For how long will this continue? I guess the situation will worsen with time 😦