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Please go through this article and you will have an idea of how this man tried to change the course of Indian economy:


Chavanni is dead :(

I got this bad news today…. source: Economic Times. Chavanni which came into being in the year 1950, is no more with us….Banks have refused to accept it for exchange. Ab is zamaane me chavanni me aata hi kya hai? Mahengayi jo itni badh gayi hai…..


During the recent guftagu that our humble PM had with editors of several magazines, he was asked questions about rising inflation…. He replied, ” there are three factors which are out of my control – the international commodity prices, the Middle East crisis, the oil prices”. But Pradhan Mantri ji, high rates of inflation in our country are primarily due to inflation related to food products. And a quarter of the food grains produced in our country are wasted due to lack of storage facilities.. Iss par aapke kya vichaar hain?

Hope you remember that it was an ‘overpriced onion’ that threw the BJP out of the raaj-gaddi…. Will it happen again?

If this continues, one day, atthanni would be gone, and then Re. 1, then Rs. 2 and  then Re. 5…. and may be, Congress led coalition government 😦

They lost my admiration !

This summer, two persons lost my admiration for them. One of course is Ramdev Baba and the other is Arnab Goswami…..

Ramdev Baba, the person who made Yoga famous again in the country where it actually originated. I remember him speaking about black money and stuff like that for long enough… So when he declared his battle against corruption, I was not surprised at all..! But he refusing to surrender before the police and running away in women’s garments was truly shocking….. Isn’t getting arrested a usual consequence of satyagrah ? Aah.. and later on he declared that he would make an army of 11000 youngsters to fight against such crackdowns…. (Vinashkaale Vipreet Buddhi)

Arnab Goswami… the Dabangg anchor of Times Now…. I always appreciated his work because he put forth his questions before any politician/activist in a fearless and honest way… But during the coverage of the ‘War Against Corruption’ he appeared totally biased. Just speaking of one side of the story never does any benefit….. Imagine his discussion panel used to consist of people like Anupam Kher and Rishi Kapoor!! Anupam Kher ofcourse is making the road clear for Kirron Kher who has recently joined the BJP…

Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal need to be really careful. In the process of achieving the best for the nation, they need to keep away those who want to take undue advantage of the whole situation…..

I was watching news yesterday, umm on CNN-IBN I guess….
Some clippings were shown of the proceedings in parliament.
Actually, a BJP leader said some ill words against Lalu ji…
Sushma Swaraj got up to apologise for the same…
Her words were ‘Main apni party ki taraf se Lalu ji se kshama yaachna karti hun’
Lalu sprang up and started complaining all over again.
And Sushma Swaraj without loosing a single second said ‘Isse pahle ki Lalu ji aur uttejit ho jaayen main unki taraf se bhi kshama yaachna karti hun’ to which even Lalu ji couldn’t control to laugh upon!! 😀

And the news reader ended up saying “These were indeed some very graceful moments in parliament today”………..

Shiv Sena is creating row on the statement made by Shahrukh Khan about inclusion of Pakistani players in IPL.
They tore down posters of MNIK, gave hate speeches, threatened him saying that “Mannat is in India and not in Pakistan”…..
Bad, isn’t it??
We can’t hear sounds of support from other Bollywood actors except few tweets.
One of the tweet from Abhishek Bachchan caught my eye!

“Do not change who you are for anyone.If God, in all his wisdom, made you the way you are, he did it for a reason

This tweet for sure made my day, hope even Shahrukh feels the same!

Today, I went through the Ruchika molestation case in detail in newspapers, internet and news channels…
And it has disturbed me a lot.

I just can’t imagine, what that young girl would have experienced in 3 years.
She was expelled from school, her father lost his job, her brother was slapped with half a dozen cases of theft and he was tortured for months in jail 😦
There were goons positioned in her locality who would taunt her all the time.

Till yesterday, I used to feel that only fools can think of committing suicide.
But thinking of Ruchika, I felt, what else she could do. She was forced to nothing else but suicide.
She even didn’t have a mother to share her pain with. She would have considered herself responsible for her family’s condition.

I read an article that said, that her post mortem report was manipulated and it said that she had consumed heavy doses of slimmimg pills.
Her father cried all the day and even touched the feet of police officials but he was not given her body for the entire day.

She would have been a courageous girl, so she lodged a complaint against Rathore, hoping that he would be punished for such a shameful act of his.
But Ruchika and her family would never have imagined the consequences.

Rathore’s daughter was classmate of Ruchika. Didn’t his daughter’s face come before his eyes when he misbehaved with this little girl??

And Aradhana, Ruchika’s best friend and even her family should be appreciated.
Those people have fought against injustice for past 16 years.
She feels guilty to this date, coz she could not save her best friend’s life 😦
I don’t want any man to look down upon any girl in the future.
I don’t want any other Rathore to smile after receiving a petty punishment.
He mocked our judiciary, society and most importantly human life by smiling at the cameras!
I don’t want any schools or police officials to bow down before people who use their power wrongly.
Even they are responsible for Ruchika’s depression and untimely death.

I pray to God that justice should not be delayed any further!
If anyone knows how one can help Ruchika’s family and friends to get justice, please post a comment!!


Indian goverment had made the visa norms stricter which was not at all appreciated by the UK and US governments.
The guidelines issued on November 4 under which foreigners holding long-term multi-entry tourist visas would have to be out of India for two months before re-entering have created much of  disturbances.
As usual, Shashi ji has made a remark on it.
He commented that,“Issue is not security vs tourism, but whether visa restrictions protect our security. 26/11 killers had no visas,” Tharoor wrote. “Dilemma of our age: tough visa restrictions in hope of btr security or openness & liberality to encourage tourism& goodwill? I prefer latter,”

Also he raised a valid point by saying that such rules will do us more harm by alienating us from the world community.
But Headley certainly got a visa, he visited many places of India and might have been a key player in the November,2008 attacks.

Can someone tell me how it will help us??
Right now, I can see some harm for sure 😦

India today needs such Leaders who can atleast question the policies of government, even if the government is very much their own 🙂

Barack Obama gets Nobel Prize for PEACE??
I would not have been so surprised if he won it for Chemistry….
for working on clathrin-mediated membrane traffic at chemical synapses

The election promises of Barack Obama were good.
Even I used to visit his website and read his promising speeches.
Americans showed their trust in HIM for his economic policies, social reform plans, health care plans etc.
The moment when they thought that USA might collapse, he gave them a hand of support.
A ray of Hope, sunshine smile 😀
Ofcourse, Uncle George had left them with errr… nothing else to trust upon:-|
But I heard WTO people saying that, it was Indian and Chinese economies which saved the world!!
Chalo, even leave that aside…
Lets consider it was Obama who saved the world from economic catastrophe!

Those norwegian people say, he has united people on environmental issues.
Dont they remember that India as well as China refused to follow the new environmental standards.
(remember Hillary Clinton visited India for the same purpose)
Reason being, these countries are still developing and can’t afford to spend on such policies.
I guess, either American forces have become citizens of Iraq 😀
or Is this because, the americans have a “peace”ful sleep now?

Whatever…. Congrats Obama!!

Rahul Gandhi…is now making some good news..
It was the media for almost 5 years, who compared and criticized Rahul against Rajiv and Priyanka.
But this election time he certainly emerged out as a hero!
Would like to post some answers from him to the salvo of questions fired by media:

When asked to react to Mayawati’s allegations that he was playing politics by visiting Dalit houses…
Rahul replied: “I go to a human being’s house and not a dalit’s house.If she doesn’t like it, my apologies to her””
Wah Rahul ji….

He said he meets a tea vendor and a university student on the same lines. “I don’t ask him (tea stall vendor) whether he is a dalit…the difference is in the opportunities. They are as intelligent and as smart as you, but had no opportunity to go to a university– that is the only difference,” he said
Maan gaye Rahul ji….

When asked about his leaning processes, he said “The day I die I will stop learning.”
Kya baat hai Rahul ji….
On Tharoor’s view that Gandhi Jayanti should not be a holiday, he said the minister has the right to have his opinion.
“It won’t make a difference to Gandhiji.”
I agree Rahul ji….

When asked about reservations in Indian system of governance, he replied:
He said the system in the party had a place for all sections of the society, including SC, STs and women. “Our system positively discriminates towards weaker sections”.
😥 I know Rahul ji…
I am trying not to be biased!!