Many a times we hear people grumbling about God’s very existence. This usually happens when they face some trials and tribulations…. A series of questions usually arise during such circumstances: “Why me?”and then “Does God exist?”and then “If God exists, why is he invisible?”.

I believe in God and I can’t imagine a life without spirituality. I do have questions of my own. But I believe that God has answered me all the time: sometimes through servants of God, sometimes through some life events, sometimes through his Word(Bible).  Whenever I am impatient, I usually tell my friends that God should have allowed us to ask him ‘five’ questions to Him in our lifetime. I guess  that’s not going to happen, so I have decided to find few answers by myself and share them with you guys!

First of all, does God exist? In one word, the answer is ‘Yes’. But what makes me confident? We have a conscience of our own. We always want to make things better. We have the capability of believing. If God doesn’t exist, where does all this come from? Look at the perfect universe around us, look at your own body… If we are not God’s creation, who else is perfect enough to do this?

So, why is God invisible? Hmm.. Tough question!

Now I believe in using technology whereever it can be use. So I looked for the answer in google. Some guy said that, God might be having a different fourth dimension. This makes him invisible. Nice Imagination!  Some other guy said, that God is just a spirit. There was a person who went ahead and said that ‘The invisible and non-existent look very much alike’. So Sir, wind doesn’t exist? Dr. Gregory House from House M.D. in one of the episodes says, ‘Either God does not exist, or He is unimaginably cruel (as millions get killed in wars, tsunamis, bombings, accidents)’.

Now what do I believe? As per the Bible, God walked with Adam & Eve in the garden of Eden,’before they sinned’. This gives us a clue. God is Holy and we are long time sinners. Only the pure at heart can see him. We are not good enough to face him. If we do, we would for sure die. Convincing?

There is this incident mentioned in the book of Mark.. Once Jesus healed a person with a dreaded skin disease and He asked the healed person to not discuss this event with anyone. But the man went away and spread this news everywhere. He talked so much about Jesus that Jesus could not go into the town publicly. Instead he stayed at lonely places and people came to Him from everywhere. Imagine a situation where God is visible and accessible to billions of us all over the world. Umm… I hope you got a clue..

Also if we got every answer to every question.. would our life be still interesting? Would we use our conscience as much as we use it today?I guess, the answers are ‘No’ and ‘No’.

One more thing…There is one verse in the Bible which says, “Blessed are those who believed yet have not seen”. Oh Yes! I am blessed one 🙂