I am watching Bigg Boss 7 nowadays (everyday) … I know that it the worst of bad TV.  Still ?!!?

I enjoy watching it and I wait anxiously for the clock to hit 9 pm and so that I can laugh a little.. Oh No 😐

The secret is that I sometimes google the latest happenings in the celebrity house… Tragic 😦

The following thoughts are creeping into my brain and I am utterly confused:

  • Am I not the good kid anymore ?
  • Am I used to watching people bitch and fight and play politics and absence of this upsets me ??
  • Will I get influenced ???
  • Maybe I should continue watching this show so that I can deal with corporate politics..
  • Oh whatever.. I don’t want to feel guilty over watching a stupid series… And BTW Comedy Nights with Kapil is a good enough show to clear my mind on the Sunday night.. Gutthi, I adore you.. Kapil, you are awesome.. You guys rock !!! 😀