•  10th standard: IIT is the place to be.
  •  IIT JEE Exam: Oh No.. I dont need to wait till the results are out. I already know that it was catastrophic.
  •  <Settled with a normal engineering college. Aiyyo> 😐
  •  Pre Engineering: After my B.E., I will get a job that satisfies me and that’s it. Yo Baby !
  •  First Job: Really ?? This is what I did my B.E. for?? I could have saved 4 years of my life if I had joined this company after completing high school. 😦
  •  MBA Preparation: IIM A, IIM B, IIM C. There ends my list. Thats what I deserve.
  •  Interview Calls: No calls from any of the IIM.
  •  <Admission in a Top 20 B School>
  •  B School: Slog.. Slog.. Slog.. I have to become an investment banker.. After 1.5 years, self realisation occurs “I cant live to die every day”
  •  Placement: Got into an IT company with a decent salary..
  •  Current Status: BLANK :-\

 2 + 12 = 16 lac rupees and 4+2 = 6 years of my life.. Gone in the air… Ouchh 😐

It frustrating to see old and new non MBA friends who now have 6-7 years of experience at their jobs. They had amazing onsite experience which earned them both money and respect. And you sit there trying to understand the industry and the domain and more importantly keep hoping to do the ACTUAL MBA LIKE WORK. Moreover, there are delivery guys who term you as “WHITE ELEPHANTS”. I have not met a single person who cares that I have an MBA. Seniors consider you as unimportant after you do all the shitty work for 2 years. They obviously get new minions (fresh from B School and obedient) to replace you. Worst part is that your parents still believe that you are doing some cutting edge stuff.

Sad that at 28 years of age (at the brink of mid-life crisis), I have not yet realised what my passion in life is. There should have been a purpose of my birth into this world. I always thought that I planned my life well. And now I am nothing more than a part of a small rat race..

I hope and wish to get just one breakthrough in my life, with no expectation of it coming sooner or later… 🙂